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Budget Friendly Christmas Gift Ideas (Five Below Edition)

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Christmas is right around the corner, and if you’re anything like me, you have waited until the last second to buy your gifts this year. As a college student, I do not have a huge budget to work with but still love giving gifts to my friends and family. This is why Five Below is my best friend when it comes to buying budget friendly gifts for Christmas. Whether you are looking for little stocking stuffers or making gift baskets for your loved ones, Five Below has everything you could need. Here are 10 gifts you can give to your loved ones this Christmas from Five Below. 

Gift #1: Perfume and Cologne

Who doesn’t love receiving a nice smelling perfume or cologne as a gift? Five Below has a great selection of $5 perfumes and colognes that smell amazing. Most of the scents they carry are also dupes of expensive or popular scents but without the price tag. They have a wide range of scents for both men and women.

Gift #2: Graphic T-Shirts

Everyone loves a nice graphic tee to throw on and lounge around the house or style up and go out. Five Below has a huge range of graphic T-Shirts that they change out pretty frequently. They even have seasonal Christmas T-Shirts that you could use for Christmas photo shoots or family PJ’s; the options are endless! These shirts range from extra small to extra large and are great quality for just $5. 

Gift #3: Jewelry

Personally I love wearing necklaces and earrings on a daily basis, so if you know someone like me in your life, Five Below might be just the place for you. Five Below carries earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings and more. They have nice sets and a good variety of selection to choose from for your friends and family. 

Gift #4: Wall Decor

Five Below has an amazing selection of posters and photo frames that can spruce up anyone’s walls. So if you are giving a gift to someone who just moved into a new house or apartment or is looking to decorate their walls a little bit, go to Five Below and grab them a gift. They have lots of posters with different shows, characters and movies that you can choose from. But they also have nice photo frames you can gift. They also have decorative shelves and signs. 

Gift #5: Home Decor

Along with a great selection of wall decor, Five Below has a wide range of home decor. They carry a huge stock of various decorative pillows and throw blankets that can spruce up a couch or bed. They also carry nice-looking fake plants and cute mugs to decorate your home. All of us have that friend who loves to collect throw blankets and pillows for different seasons and occasions to decorate their home. 

Gift #6: Toys

Most of us have at least one little kid in the family that we never know what to buy. Well, Five Below can fix that. Five Below has a great range of gifts you can give to kids, from stuffed animals to board games and everything in between. They have a gift for each type of kid. For the creative kids, they have arts and crafts gifts. For the energetic kids, they have various sports equipment for soccer, volleyball, football and more. They have books and journals, as well. 

Gift #7: Tech Gear

We all have that one tech savvy friend, and. Five Below has you covered there, as well. They carry headphones, phone cases, speakers, lamps, LED lights, portable chargers and more. 

Gift #8: Pet Essentials

We definitely all have a person in our lives that has a cat or dog, so if you want to give the pet lover in your life something special for their furry friend, Five Below has you covered! They have cute sweaters, tasty treats, fun toys and lots more! They even have practical essentials like poop bags, leashes and collars. 

Gift #9: Spa Day Basket

Being a college student myself, I am always looking for ways to relax. If you have someone in your life who also is in need of a nice spa day at home, Five Below is the place to go. They have face masks, nail polish, foot buffers, foot masks, bath salts and more to help you wind down after a nice long day. 

Gift #10: Gym Equipment

Do you know someone who is trying to start working out or getting into the gym routine for the new year? Well, gifting them some gym equipment might be a great idea for this Christmas! Five Below has a whole section dedicated to exercise. They have weights, yoga mats, yoga balls, jump ropes, foam rollers, work out clothes and more! 

Five Below is a great, budget-friendly store to get gifts for your friends and loved ones this Christmas. They have a wide range of products for all ages and all different types of people. So if you have any last minute shopping needs like me, go to Five Below to find gifts for all your family and friends this Christmas!

A writer for HerCampus in the Saint Louis University chapter.