To All The Girls Who Joined My Sorority

As a senior who has talked to many potential new members throughout three years of formal recruitment, I always grow in anticipation for bid day after preference night. Being able to welcome my new sisters to their home away from home is an amazing experience filled with so much positive emotion. So here’s a little list of positive affirmations and tips to those who have found their new sisterhood.


1. You are in an organization that is rooting for you.


You were asked back to your sorority because they saw something special you. Whether that is because they see you as a future leader or just a go-to girl for movies and popcorn, they want you to be your sister. Even if it was not the Greek organization that you ranked first, give that sorority chance. Many girls don’t end up where they thought they would, but most of the time it ends up better than they could have ever wished for. You ended up in a sorority that wants to be with you through thick and thin and learn about your story. Your sorority will be your ultimate hype man because you are an amazing person who has similar values. Let them in.


2. Have fun and learn.


You get out what you put into your organization. Fraternity and sorority life is a chance to develop your leadership skills, find your best friends, discover your true self. Try to attend as many functions and meetings as possible. If you are paying all of that money on dues, you should go to the events that will allow you to build connections with your sisters and become more involved. Your sisters and your experience will change your life if you let them. It’ll be the best decision of their life and yours.


3. Fraternity and sorority life is not always easy.


Your college experience should be revolving around your education. Also, you most likely have other important responsibilities like a job or being in another organization.  Try your best to balance all these things, as well as your own personal well being. There are a lot of things thrown at you, and it may seem overwhelming. Never take on more than you can handle, and know when it’s okay to take a step back. Your well-being comes before an organization, and if the women in that sorority truly care about you, they’ll support you if you need to step back.