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6 St. Louis Attractions that are Metro Accessible

I have only been in St. Louis a little over two months, but I have already found a love for the Metro. It is a great way to get off campus and explore the lovely city I get to call home for the next four years. Because I live on campus a Metro pass is included in my housing costs, and in these past nine weeks I have taken the Metro to and from many places.  Here is a list of my favorite Metro accessible locations in the city.


1. Kiener Plaza Park and The Arch

Only five stops east on either the Red or Blue line, you can visit the iconic St. Louis Arch and spend time enjoying Kiener Plaza Park.  Both attractions are only a short walk from the 8th and Pine stop.


2. Delmar Loop

I love going with friends to eat at the tons of fun restaurants on the Delmar Loop! This hopping entertainment, restaurant, and cultural district is only 4 stops west of the Grand Station on the red line. When you get off at the Delmar Loop stop, you will have to walk across a parking lot and Rosedale Ave, but then you will be right on the backside of the Loop.


3. Union Station Plaza

This is only one stop east on either the Red or Blue Line. I recommend going any day between 5pm-9pm because there is a dramatic fire show at the top of the hour at The Union Station Plaza. This is just across the street from the Union Station Metro stop. There is also a Hard Rock Café and Seafood Restaurant if you are feeling hungry.


4. Forest Park

This is my favorite destination on the Metro line. There is so much to do with pedal boats, a free zoo and art museum, and tons of paths. Getting off at the Forest Park-DeBaliviere stop will put you less than a block away from the park’s main entrance. This stop is two stops west on either the Blue or Red line.


5. Lambert Airport Terminals 1 & 2

The Metro goes all the way to the airport if you take the red line to the most west end.


6. The Greyhound Station and St. Louis Train Station

This is two stops east on the Red or Blue Lines. The Civic Center stop is combined with the St. Louis Station, so you will not have to walk. This is a great way to get back and forth from campus if you take the train home for breaks.


Please review Celia’s Top 10 Safety Tips for Women in the City before venturing out into the city.

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