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6 Essential St. Louis Neighborhoods

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SLU chapter.

Central West End

The Central West End is quite possibly one of the most iconic districts in St Louis. This neighborhood is packed with countless restaurants, shops, and attractions that make each visit unique and exciting. It is also a great place to walk around, thanks to the architecture and gorgeous neighborhoods that define and surround the area.

Forest Park

Forest Park is especially great for college students as it is the home of many free attractions, including the Saint Louis Art Museum, Zoo, and Science Center! It also boasts a phenomenal ice skating rink, amphitheater, tennis courts…I could go on. It’s a true gem and a much-needed green space in the middle of the city, offering amazing views and experiences year round.

The Loop

If you’re looking for a place full of character and things to do, The Loop is the perfect place for you. This district boasts various popular concert venues, thrift stores, restaurants that give it a trendy, quirky vibe. Lined with neon signs and a walk of fame, this place is incredibly stimulating and a go-to for group outings.


Home of the Gateway Arch, Busch Stadium, and City Museum, downtown provides the quintessential St. Louis experience. Iconic elements such as Ballpark Village, various event venues, and multiple museums give this place a well-known reputation. In addition, its combination of historical elements and fine dining make downtown a must-visit for any St Louis newcomer.

Tower Grove South / South Grand

This district provides a street full of top-notch commercial experiences and access to some of the best parks in St. Louis. South Grand is home to many quirky shops as well as some of the best restaurants in the city, offering phenomenal brunch, vegan, and international food options. It also boasts Tower Grove Park and Missouri Botanical Garden, two of the most impressive green spaces in the city.


Soulard offers an incredible amount of personality, with a bustling social scene and some of the best architecture in the city. Soulard Farmers Market is an iconic feature of this area, as is the historic district characterizing it. With its red brick buildings, various restaurants, and iconic festivals, Soulard has definitely made a name for itself.