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5 Places to Eat Around SLU Before You Graduate

As a Saint Louis University student, there comes a time when you need to change it up from your usual routine of Fusz, B-School Wraps, and St. Louis Bread Co. Maybe your parents are visiting, or you’re going on a date, or maybe you’re just in need of a different dinner. Regardless, here are some really tasty options within walking distance that you might not think to try!


1. Crazy Bowls and Wraps

 There are two kinds of people: people who love Crazy Bowls and people who have never had it. If you find yourself in the latter category, it’s time to change that. I love Crazy Bowls because not only is it delicious, but the menu has a lot of options, most of which are pretty healthy. You can also really customize your wrap or bowl with your preferred proteins and veggies.


2. BLK MKT Eats

If you like sushi, you have to try BLK MKT Eats. Located on Vandeventer, this little shop is easy to miss but is a must-have on any Midtown resident’s list. The whole concept of BLK MKT Eats is creating new takes on your favorite sushi rolls. You can enjoy your sushi in the form of a burrito, a bowl or even nachos! The portions are pretty generous and the innovative flavor combinations are both delicious and unique.


3. Vito’s

If you can’t get to the Hill, you’re in luck because there is delicious Italian food right down the street. Vito’s is a Sicilian restaurant with all your favorite St. Louis Italian classics— like toasted ravioli, flatbreads and pasta of all kinds. They also have an amazing patio that is perfect for romantic dates, dinner with your parents or even just happy hour with your friends.


4. Pappy’s Smokehouse

This is another great place to take your family because it’s delicious and the menu is full of classic barbeque items that will appeal to adults and children alike. The portions are generous, and the food is delicious! Just make sure to plan ahead before you go because they do tend to run out (and sometimes close early when they do).


5. Diablitos Cantina

The SLU classic is back in a new (but still close) location. Every neighborhood needs a good Mexican restaurant and Diablitos fits the bill. The food is pretty tasty, and the atmosphere is friendly and fun. And, of course, the margaritas are good too. This is a great spot to enjoy a beautiful St. Louis evening with your family or friends.


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