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10 Must Try Resale Stores In St. Louis

As college students, we are all trying to find ways to save a little money whenever possible. Thrifting is a good way to save a little extra cash and it is environmentally friendly as well!   

Goodwill Outlet 

Goodwill outlet does pricing by the pound, so the cute shirt you found will come out to about 15 cents. Total score. 

Salvation Army

I have found that this store is best for finding clothes to make into other clothes. For example jeans into shorts or a shirt into a couple of headbands & hair ties. 

Found By The Pound

This store is super cute and has some used retro clothes so there is always something for anyone’s sense of style. Another pay by the pound (depending on the location you go to). 

Angel Boutique

A super cute store that has a loyalty card that you can print off that rewards you for every visit. Do I hear EXTRA deals?? Yes, please. 

Avalon Exchange

This is a store that does buy, sell and trade. There is a location by me at home and I was so excited when I found out that there was one here too because there are always super good finds.

Mesa Home

Cute and reasonably priced. Some of my fav vintage items.


This is definitely a more expensive resale shop but some people value having name brands so I included it. This store only sells named brand items, but consequently, you have to pay more for these high-end items. 

Clothes Mentor

In my experience, this has been a little more expensive and a lot more hit or miss on good deals than resale stores I usually go to but still found enough deals to recommend this to other people. 

Plato’s Closet

Probably one of the most common resale stores for college students to go to but I typically have good luck there and is in my top 5 places to check out when I need a new outfit. 

Hut no 8

This is the furthest one I’ve been to from campus but it was very much worth it. A little bit pricier than other stores listed but occasionally they will do dollar sales which is something to look out for. 

Hiiiiii, I am a sophmore studying entrepreneurship. I love the earth, music, photography, shopping, social justice, animals, and playing excessive amounts of solitaire.
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