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Why Being a Skidmore Collegiette Rocks

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Skidmore chapter.

As the 60% female majority of Skidmore, we collegiettes are pretty used to complaining about the dating scene (or lack thereof).  “Not enough guys,” “no one wants a relationship,” “he/she never texted me back”… we’ve heard it all.  (And thanks to the recent Cosmo article, we’ve been hearing it even more these days.) Let’s face facts: we’re surrounded by girls.

But, while the Skidmore dating scene might not be the most fulfilling one out there, let’s not forget some reasons why we love to be in the majority gender. Check out some of our favorite things about attending a mostly female school:

  • Girls’ night, every night. Play the rom-com and pass the Phish Food, please…
  • We’ve mastered the highly difficult art form of group dancing at clubs.
  • Kegs? No. Classy mixed drinks in Ball jars, please.
  • They say girls dress for each other, so thank you, Skidmore, for forcing us to be way more stylish than we were in high school…
  • We have awesome lady-pride groups like Bare, Feminist Action, and Her Campus!
  • Endless amounts of clothing to borrow!
  • It’s not weird to talk about your period problems with the girl next to you in class.
  • We single-handedly keep Lucia in business.
  • Speaking of business, our very own collegiettes have created Skidmore Women in Business, a kickass group dedicated to helping women realize their full potential in the workplace. Check out our exclusive interview with the co-presidents!
  • Don’t feel like shaving tonight? No problem! Let that leg hair grow…
  • All Skid ladies are sympathetic to your dating issues, creating an instant sisterhood. (Who needs sororities after all?)

So next time you get trapped in the endless conversation of “woe is my dating life,” try to remember that the collegiettes hold the power at this school. And we happen to have a lot of important things going for us… all in all, we love to love our mostly female school.