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What Your Favorite Emoji Says About You

Emoji: pile of poop

What it says about you: you’re a goofball at heart. You know how to make other people laugh, and don’t take yourself too seriously. But what others don’t know from your goofy, lighthearted exterior, is that deep down, you have a sympathetic soft side, that craves love and care as much as we all do.

Emoji: dancer

What it says about you: you’re the life of the party—the attention loving, go-getter who exudes confidence like a gym rat exudes sweat.  You’re the friend we all go to when we need an outgoing wing-woman to get us back out there or the galpal we need when we’re feeling down. But be careful, because your outgoing exuberance may be blocking others from getting to know the intimate, vulnerable side that truly defines you.

Emoji: grinning face with smiling eyes

What it says about you: Let’s be honest—you get uncomfortable rather easily.  You need both hands to count the number of times you cringe at your own actions each day, and frequently find yourself feeling disconnected from the people around you.  Even though you may feel like the awkward outsider whose jokes are echoed by crickets, don’t forget that people do enjoy your presence and value your company. 

Emoji: smiling face with smiling eyes

What it says about you: You’re a genuinely good human being. You know how to remain positive and optimistic even when your Iphone 6S stops working. Your friends rely on you to be their honest, trusting confidante, which you’re good at, but don’t forget that your own feelings and opinions matter just as much as your more rambunctious BFF’s do, and that you’re not the “nice girl” or the pushover.

Emoji: sushi

What it says about you: we get it—you’re a foodie. You enjoy the finer things in life, such as spicy tuna rolls and freshly squeezed orange juice. You’re a bit arrogant, but not in the way your middle-aged professor is, but rather in a cute, charming way. You remain steady in your convictions, but be careful, because your strongly voiced self-advocacy may be pushing the people you love most away.

Emoji: thumbs up

What it says about you: you’re an easy-going gal. You probably love to surf and do yoga, but are also an avid fan of the Netflix binge. You probably get those beachy waves naturally, and not from a sea salt spray. You know how to look at things in the bigger picture, and not get caught up in the plethora of meaningless worries that area a product of our overzealous society. We could all take a note from your book because clearly you measure happiness in a different way than the rest of us, but try taking a moment or two to realize that not all of your friends’ worries are as trivial as they sound.

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