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What Christmas Season Feels Like

If you’re anything like me, and I sure hope you are, you’re already in the Christmas spirit. You’re the kind of human being who waits for the end of the Thanksgiving Day Parade just to immediately start decorating the second you see Santa Claus roll on by. You quote “Elf” in your sleep, and adore the sound of jingle bells almost as much as you adore the smell of pine needles and gingerbread. This is the spirit of Christmas and, as a small Muslim, I know that almost anyone has the capacity to feel this season beauty in their bones. So, as Christmas and December begin to make there merry way closer to us, here are 5 things getting into the Christmas Spirit can feel like.

1. Like you live in a bright warm cabin in a perpetually snowy wood!

Always warm and cozy!

2. Like there’s always a batch of cookies baking in the oven!

 Not a better smell in the world.

3. Like your heart has grown 3 sizes in a day!

4. Like a there’s a Yule log burning in your soul.

A passionate flutter of merriment!

5. Like spreading the cheer for everyone you love to enjoy, always.


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