Wait... WHO is Performing at Big Show?

Wait… WHO is presenting at the Big Show This Weekend?


            The Facebook invite went out for the Big Show and everyone opened the event, excitedly awaiting to read the name of artist or artists who we get to mosh-pit in front of for a night. As the page is loading, your mind is buzzing with who it could possibly be: a pop musician maybe? Some indie band? And then you see the names of the artists: Earl Sweatshirt and Jungle Pussy. Alright, if you guys had the same reaction as I did, the names of the artists provoked an immature “HA” (I know you did it too, don’t judge), which was then followed by some pretty deep confusion; who ARE these people? Well not to worry, I’m here to tell you!


Earl Sweatshirt:

  • Real Name: Thebe Neruda Kgositsile
  • Genre of Music: Hip Hop
  • From: LA
  • Released his first mixtape in 2010, but wasn’t able to produce music again until 2012.  His most recent album “I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside: An Album by Earl Sweatshirt (#canrelate) was released in 2015.
  • Influenced by Jay-Z and Eminem
  • Greatest Hits: Greif, Chum, Hive



Jungle Pussy:

  • Real Name: Shayna McHayle
  • Genre of Music: Hip Hop
  • From: NYC
  • Released her first track in 2013 called Cream Team, her first mixtape was released in 2014 and her most recent album released in 2015.
  • Influenced by
  • Fun Fact: She was invited to speak about her life, music and health lifestyle options at Yale and Collumbia.
  • Greatest Hits: Feelin’ Myself, Nah, Bling Bling, Now or Later