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Treat Yo Self

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Skidmore chapter.

No matter the time of year, we could all use a little self appreciation. It is important to remember how awesome you are and take some time to pamper yourself. Although “Treat Yo Self” is mainly associated with the NBC show Parks and Recreation, creating your own version of the day is a great way to take time to take care of yourself. Also, taking this matter in your own hands is probably best. Who better knows what you like more than you?

If you don’t know where to start on your quest for self-appreciation, this list can give you some ideas.


1.    Get your nails done.

This is an accessible treat that you can do at home or professionally. Thank your hands for helping you in all you do!

2.     Splurge…

…within reason. It is nice to treat yourself once in a while-its like an investment in you! Just don’t go too crazy and buy something you will regret later.

3.    Eat what you want for once.

If you want a special treat, go all out. Want chocolate? Skip the vending machine and get the good stuff. Don’t waste your treat on something sub par, you deserve the best!

4.    Wear what you want, when you want.

We all have that item that we love, but sometimes we feel that we CAN’T wear something because it is out of style, a little different or not 100% practical. Not all of us have this problem but if you do, try to forget that and dress for you!

5.    Start moving.

Movement makes us feel great. Go and do something active, like dancing or a nice long walk. Taking care of yourself can be a treat if you make it one!

6.    Get in touch with an old friend.

Life keeps us busy. Get in touch with one of your favorite people that you may have not spoken too recently. An old friend from summer camp or high school, even your aunt. Remember that people love you!

7.    Re-watch your favorite movie.

If you have a movie that makes you feel good curl up with some pillows and blankets and watch it alone or with some buddies!

8. Find a scent that is totally you!

Makeup and clothes can be great at making us feel awesome, so a good scent is often overlooked. Aromatherapy can actually be relaxing and make you feel great, so go out and find a fragrance that gives you an extra boost.

9. Take a bath.  

Bubble baths are fun! Hop in the tub and take some extra alone time.

10. Have a mini travel day.

Is there somewhere you haven’t been in a while? Love art and have been dying to see a new exhibit? Haven’t been to your favorite restaurant for a really long time? Want to take a huge shopping trip? Go for it! Plan a trip to a place that makes you happy and revitalized.


Hopefully now you have somewhere to start on how to plan on treating yourself, either for one day or everyday!

Remember: Treat Yo Self!

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