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Tips and Tricks for Comedy Club Auditions

When I first came to Skidmore I knew one thing about myself for sure: I was funny. Maybe it was an offbeat kind of funny—one that made you squint your eyes and reconsider speaking to me again before laughing—but I was funny. I was proud of that. I wanted to share it, and meet people who, like me, just want to smile and joke around as much as possible. So, when I passed a flyer for an on campus sketch comedy group, I didn’t think twice about auditioning. Now, I won’t lie to any of you, it didn’t go well. I made a joke about butts—everyone hated it—but that’s not the point. I gathered my courage again this year, and decided to give it another go. Now, I’m not much of an actress, but I got a call back this time around, and even though I didn’t get in, I had an absolute blast. But, just in case you’re a funny kid too and want to try to give this whole club thing a try, here are five things I can tell you about auditioning for a comedy group:


1. Don’t be afraid to be a goof ball!

If you go into this experience ready let loose and be wildly goofy, you’re doing it right.


2. Be brave!

Putting yourself out there is tough, especially around new people. Just gather your courage and jump into this experience. Everyone around you is in the same boat, and we’re all rooting for you.


3. Support your fellow goof balls!

You’re all putting yourselves out there, so even though this audition is a competition, support each other. If someone’s being funny, laugh! If someone looks like they need a smile, cheer them on! Comedy is nothing if not a comfort.


4. Take a few deep breaths!

It’s a super scary experience to audition for an exclusive campus club, so just stay calm, and do what you can to be present.


5. Be yourself!

Make jokes that you think are hilariously wild and, maybe even boarder line offensive. If you’re don’t leave this audition feeling like you, then it wasn’t worth it.


 Here are five things audition for a comedy group will feel like:


1. Like you should transfer schools after.

Don’t worry! This isn’t a permanent feeling! Your momentary embarrassment will fade, and no one will remember but you.


2. Like they have French Toast sticks in D-Hall.

You’ll be riding a high for a minute there, but will feel sick immediately after.


3. Powerful!

You just did something incredibly brave! Bask in it my friend!

4. Like telling everyone about it.

After my first audition, I had a story so ridiculous it took weeks for me to stop telling it. Share your best, or-like me- worst moments, with your friends. This is such a funny experience to look back on.


5. Like sleeping.

These auditions take TIME. Have a much-needed rest after, and dream of your name in the title credits of SNL. You’re on your way. 

I'm just sittin' at my desk, crying over a panda video, trying to make a living with this writing thing. When I'm not working for Hercampus, I'm watching Supernatural, thinking about funding a startup for my dream trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo, or dreaming of becoming a Disney Princess.
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