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Stuck at Home For Spring Break

Stuck at home for Spring Break?

For those of us who aren’t going to Cancun with our girlfriends or drinking margaritas on a tropical beach this spring break, what can you do while all your friends post bikini pics on your newsfeed (FOMO to the max)? Instead of the typical sleep, eat, and relax routine, we put together a list of fun activities for the rest of us who are heading home for break.


Stay in your PJ’s and don’t get out of bed for a whole day… and catch up on the Netflix series you haven’t had any time for ALL semester (you deserve it).


Challenge yourself to not go on social media for 24 hours (trust me, you sometimes just need to go offline from the world).


Sit down and read a book that you have been putting aside.


Do something nice for a stranger (whether it’s smiling at someone or going out of your way for another person, do it for karma).


Take on a new hobby. (Learn how to knit, cook, or even dance!)


Take advantage of your parents making you food and doing your laundry for a WHOLE week.


Earn some cash (babysit, dog walk, or anything else you can do).


Sit outside and do NOTHING.


Although being stuck at home may not be the most exciting time of our lives, take this time to give yourself a pat on the back for getting through the cold lifeless Saratoga winter (hopefully the snow will melt by the time we get back). 

A senior at Skidmore College, who loves beagles, batman, and sushi. You can find me dreaming about Anderson Cooper and doing crossword puzzles.
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