Starbucks and DHall's New Noodle Bar

Hopefully by now, most of you have noticed Burgess Cafe’s makeover and addition of Starbucks products! The best news about this change is you won’t have to go all the way downtown for your chai latte anymore. Burgess’s menu and staff have doubled in size from last year and the entire cafe space has been redesigned. There will always be a place for the old Burgess in our hearts, but Starbucks is a new and exciting change.

Although it may not be equivalent to other Starbucks shops just yet, the negative comments circulating campus aren’t very respectful to the people working hard behind the counter. Keep in mind that their job is difficult, so have a little patience and give it a try.

Another new addition to Skidmore’s dining plan is D-Hall’s noodle bar! It’s by far a healthier alternative to eating those sodium packed ramen noodles in our dorms, D-Hall’s noodle bar features different meats, vegetables, and broths to choose from daily; you can make your bowl as flavorful or as simple as you like. The best part is that unlike the pasta bar, which is only a dinner option, the noodle bar is available for both lunch and dinner. So far I’ve heard all good reviews.

What do you think? Are you a fan of these new food changes? Let us know in the comments!