Songs That Prove #Haylor's Love Should Never Die

I’m here today to breathe some life back into one of the greatest romances of our time: #Haylor. Harry Styles and Taylor Swift were the perfect couple; their love for each other was flawless and undying. Here are some songs that the two wrote and sang about each other that prove they were perfect together and that their love should never die.   


I’ll start with a classic: Come Back…Be Here. This song speaks to the short duration of their relationship with its lyric, “4 AM the second day how strange that I don’t know you at all.” Towards the end of the song, Taylor also mentions that the “unknown subject” of the song is in London and not with her. Um…I don’t know if you knew this, but Harry Styles is British. What more proof could you need?


Another song on Swift’s Red album, I Knew You Were Trouble, is the song most rumored to be about our favorite couple. Taylor writes all about an “unknown” boy who she knew was bad from the moment she met him and yet couldn’t resist. This song alludes to his promiscuous behavior and to his cheating on her with an Australian model. Taylor writes that she “fell hard” but Harry “took a step back” and wasn’t as invested as she was in their relationship. 


Harry Styles then stepped in with the One Direction song Perfect. The band sings, “I might never be the one you take home to mother,” addressing that he might not be into a committed relationship with Taylor even though, as the band later sings, the two are still “perfect” together. We know that this song is about Taylor because, at the end of the song, Harry sings, “if you’re looking for someone to write your breakup songs about then, baby, I’m perfect.” We all know who writes breakup songs. Harry, you’re not slick. 


To see that this next song by Taylor Swift is definitely about Harry, one needs a little context about their relationship. First of all, Harry gave Taylor a necklace with a paper airplane pendant. This was the public’s first clue that they were dating because Harry once owned the same necklace. Secondly, Taylor and Harry went on a ski trip during which they got into a bad snowmobile accident. Knowing these two pieces of info, one can understand that Out Of The Woods by Swift is about Styles. She sings, “your necklace hanging from my neck,” and then has the audacity to continue, “two paper airplanes flying, flying, flying.” But wait, there’s more! Taylor sings about the snowmobile accident in the line, “remember when you hit the brakes too soon, twenty stitches in a hospital room.” At this point, Taylor really puts no effort into hiding who the “mysterious subject” of her song is. 


Taylor continues her ruthlessly blatant description of her relationship with Harry in the song Style. “Style”? I mean come on. It’s obvious that this is about the one and only Mr. Harry Styles. She sings, “long hair slicked back, white t-shirt.” We all know who that’s about, Taylor! Nice try, but you can’t fool us. You’re still in love with Harry! We get it, though because, well, who isn’t in love with him?


Harry then attempts to write about their relationship as beautifully as Taylor does with his song Two Ghosts. He sings about a blonde beauty with the lines, “same lips red, same eyes blue.” He also basically confirmed that this song is about Swift in an interview. When asked about her and the song, he simply said, “I think it’s pretty self-explanatory, right?” These lyrics in Two Ghosts mirror Swift’s lyrics in Style, “same white shirt, couple more tattoos,” clearly referring to Harry once again. 


Despite all this romantic evidence, Haylor’s reign was brief. But we have to ask, is this where the story ends? Are the two that made me believe in love just not together anymore? Will they never be together again? Taylor is rumored to be in the process of buying a house next to Harry’s, so we will see if the couple rekindles their perfect romance. Fingers crossed!