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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Skidmore chapter.

At a small school like Skidmore, there is always gossip about guys. As much as we love advice from our girls, we decided to go straight to the source to find out what guys really like, and what they don’t. We asked Peter ’14, John ’14, Steve ’14, George ’15, Mario ’16,  and Luke ’12 (all names have been changed) for their opinions on some of our burning questions.

Her Campus: What is your opinion on…


When girls wear lipstick:

Peter: Meh, I’m generally not a fan of really noticeable makeup.

John: I have no problem with lipstick.

Steve: It’s nice in moderation.

George: I think it’s pretty sexy when girls wear red lipstick. It definitely makes the wearer stand out in a crowd  Red lipstick is how I first noticed my girlfriend before I knew her, and it was definitely a memorable sight.

Mario: Red lipstick can be sexy, but when worn incorrectly it makes you look clownish.

Luke: Personally, I don’t love it, but it’s fine as long as it’s not too much.


When girls wear their hair up (ponytail, bun, etc.) verses down:

Peter: Hair is hair, wear it however you please.

John: I don’t really have a preference about how girls wear their hair. Hair is hair, you know? You do you.

Steve: I think it’s cute, but it also depends on the person and mixing it up is always nice.

George: Hair style I think really depends on the wearer.  I’m a fan of the “up-do” because it gives me the sense she’s a working girl and is maybe a little more independent, which I like. However, long flowing hair is in no sense not sexy.  Both are pretty on a girl, I think it just depends on the person. 

Mario: Wearing your hair down shows confidence.  When you keep it hidden in a bun it screams insecurity. A pony tail can be chill, but it can also mean you’re totally DTF.

Luke: I don’t mind hair up at all. Sometimes I even prefer it.


When girls make the first move:

Peter: Great! Shows confidence and saves me a lot of awkward babbling.

John: I’m usually too scared and self-conscious to make the first move, so it’s cool if they make the first move. Sometimes I get intimidated though when they do because I’m scared and self-conscious.

Steve: It probably depends on the situation, but if its obvious what’s going on between us, I like it.

George: I love it when girls make the first move; it shows me that they’re definitely interested in me.

Mario: A girl making the first move when she is older can be sexy, like milf sexy in a way even if you’re not a mom.  If you’re younger then you just want the D.

Luke: Good and bad: good because I have to do less work, but bad because the guy should probably make the first move.


How do you feel about a girl that is always surrounded by her friends:

Peter: Anyone who can’t be alone kind of freaks me out.

John: I don’t mind if a girl is with her friends all the time, but sometimes you gotta be able to be on your own.

Steve: Fine as long as that clique is also approachable. A closed off, unapproachable circle is no good.

George: It’s definitely good to know that she has friends, but if she’s always around them it sends the signal she’s a little to dependent on them.  I like a girl who has her clique and spends time with them, but also strays from the pack and is willing to hang with my friend group as well. 

Mario: Girls need to branch out and explore.  Take a chance away from the clique and then hook the girls up in your clique with some mans that you just met that you’re interested in.  BE THAT GIRL.

Luke: If a girl is with her friends it makes it harder to approach her.


A girl that’s down for a one-night stand:

Peter: Great, do whatever makes you happy. Anyone (male or female) is going to get stigmatized if they make it publicly known though.

John: I’m cool with girls that are down for one-night stands. One-night stands can be fun, but the satisfaction and the feeling of human connection one gets from them are only fleeting.

Steve: Totally cool, but there are nice ways and sleazier ways to go about that.

George: Sometimes a one-night stand is the move and sometimes its not.  I think one night stands are sewn into the process of finding someone more suitable for yourself.  If she’s down for a one, whether its for pleasure or something more I don’t think it’s a bad thing.   

Mario: A girl that is down for a one-night stand…well obviously it comes off as slutty, but hey we all know we need that type of night once in a while.

Luke: That’s usually good for the most part.


A girl who dances on stage downtown

Peter: Dancing on the floor = fun. Dancing on the stage = annoying and attention seeking behavior

John: Just dance on the floor like the rest of us.

Steve: It can be hot and fun, but also probably makes me lose a little respect. Also, jokingly doing it and trying to look super cool and attractive are two different things.

George: The girl that dances on stage downtown isn’t the girl I would try and get to know better.  I just don’t think that girl would be my type.  I’d rather be talking to you by the bar then watching you dance in front of multiple gawking guys.

Mario: Girl that dances on stage = girl that’s down for a one night stand.

Luke: I would probably think she’s an attention-getter. First thought would be a girl to hook up with, but not date.