Royal Family Update

If you’re like me at all, you’re kind of obsessed with the Royal Family, and secretly wish that it was you Harry married, not Meghan (even though you’re happy for them and all). In case you missed the October 12th announcement, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are expecting a child in spring 2019. As of now, their kid will not have a royal name, as he/she will be too removed from the crown (their child will be 7th in line for the crown), but Queen Elizabeth can always make an exception.


Speaking of Queen Elizabeth, there have been rumors recently that the 92-year old Queen of England may be stepping down, sick, or abdicating. However, this is not the case. Queen Elizabeth has said many times before that she feels it is her duty to rule England and the Commonwealth and will continue to do so until the day she dies. Next in line is her son, Prince Charles, who is 70 years old. He would become the King of England rule over the Commonwealth. However, there seem to be many problematic PR issues when it comes to Prince Charles. For example, he had a public meltdown in 1992 about his marriage to the Princess of Wales, Diana, hinting that there might have been infidelity (as we all know, it was true, they divorced, and he is now currently married to her—Camilla, duchess of Cornwall).


Prince Charles has been the longest heir to take the throne in UK history, and Queen Elizabeth has been the longest reigning monarch in UK history. Unless the Queen decides otherwise (unlikely that she will), Prince Charles will be named King of England and the Commonwealth. Camilla, duchess of Cornwall, will be named Queen consort. More importantly, when Prince William, Duke of Cambridge in crowned King of England and the Commonwealth, and Catharine (Kate), Duchess of Cambridge will be named Queen consort. She will be Queen, but she will not be the Queen.


Let me clarify some things: There is only one reigning heir at a time. So, right now the reigning heir of England is Queen Elizabeth, and she is the Queen. When Prince William inherits the crown, he will be the King of England, and Kate will be Queen Catharine, but not the Queen of England. However, this does not apply for men when a Queen is heir. Queen Elizabeth’s husband is Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. Once named King or Queen, you have that title for life.


The order of succession is: Prince Charles of Wales, Prince William Duke of Cambridge, Prince George of Cambridge (son of William and Kate), Princess Charlotte of Cambridge (daughter of William and Kate), Prince Louis of Cambridge (son of William and Kate), Prince Harry Duke of Sussex. The secession goes on for at least 50 people—just in case.


If you want to learn more about the Royal Family, watch The Crown, on Netflix. It’s a Netflix Original, so you already know it’s going to be good. It was made recently, and is just a really good show.