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A Playlist of Old Drake Songs to Make Your Week Better

No one said that transitioning back to college is easy, nor is it a fact that the transition is only difficult for underclassmen. Embarking on my third year, while incredibly exciting, has been overwhelming and emotionally draining. In fact, it’s put me back into a specific head space that I haven’t been in since sophomore year of high school. Right now, the only person that gets me right now is Drake, and not the new, “Passionfruit” Drake (although that song has been immensely important to me at times as well). It’s the old Drake. The Take Care Drake. The Drake that cries in the shower. Here’s my playlist of the week. 


1. Practice- Take Care

2. Too Much- Nothing Was The Same

3. Doing It Wrong- Drake Take Care 

4. Madonna- If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late 

5. The Real Her (ft. Lil Wayne and Andre 3000) – Take Care 

6. Uptown (ft. Bun B and Lil Wayne)- So Far Gone 

7. From Time (ft. Jhene Aiko)- Nothing Was The Same 

8. Look What You’ve Done- Take Care 

9. Jungle- If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late 

10. Hold On, We’re Going Home- Nothing Was The Same 

11. Cameras/Good Ones Go Interlude – Medley- Take Care 

12. Marvins Room- Take Care

Hey guys! I'm a freshman this year at Skidmore. I like hard rap music, shrimp tempura, and jean jackets.
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