Maddi Reynolds: Saturday Night Fashion

This classy yet fabulous (as Coco Chanel would say) ensemble is being sported by Her Campus writer Maddi Reynolds. Maddi is a freshman and is undecided as a major. We hope this style blog is used as inspiration as going out clothes that don't look too scandalous and don't break the bank.

Top: Free People

Jeans: American Eagle

Shoes: Steve Madden.


How would you describe your style?

I would say my style is preppy, but not over-the-top. I try to find very clean-cut, simple pieces and mix and match them. I usually go for a more timeless look.

Does your going out style differ than your weekday style?

My going out style is definitely a lot more fun. It's not as functional as my daytime wardrobe, but it's still put together. I have a little more fun, too. I tend to stay at least slightly weather-concious. Coming from Florida I wouldn't be able to handle ignoring the weather, but that being said, I find more of a middle-ground approach.

What's one style item you can't live without?

I cannot live without earrings! I love them. I wasn't allowed to have my ears pierced for a long time, so when I was finally able to I fell in love with earrings. They can change the entire look and feel of an outfit in an instant.