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Last Minute Spring Break Ideas

Around this time of the year, it seems that the entire campus is bustling with spring break plans. You can’t walk through Case without hearing, “Ugh I can’t wait for break!” So if you’re one of the many with exciting plans, have fun and don’t forget the sunscreen. But, if you’re one of those with nothing to do, don’t panic! Her Campus is here to help.

Dying to travel?
Sadly, it’s a little late to start planning a tropical vacation, so stick to something ground accessible. Besides, half the fun of traveling with friends is the car ride anyway! So get a small group of plan-less pals together and hit the road! We suggest picking a location five hours or less away, anything longer gets too exhausting.  Small cities are ideal, not too overwhelming but still have a lot to offer. 
On a budget?
Cheap hotels/motels are perfectly acceptable and hey, it’s the creepy ones that make the memories!  Before leaving, have each person pitch some money to the “community wallet.” Use this money for meals, activities, etc. so you’re not constantly splitting the check. It’s much easier! You can always add more money to it later or split the leftover cash at the end. 
So grab a crew, a car, and a plan! We guarantee this spontaneous trip will be one to remember.

Don’t mind a little quality home time?
While the thought of going somewhere new for a week sounds like the best possible option, a relaxing week at home can be really great! First of all, packing’s a breeze. If you think you’ll need more than yoga pants and cozy sweaters—think again. It’s also the perfect time to do things you can’t at school! After all, we’re betting the items on your DIY Pinterest board haven’t actually been tried yet. So pick a craft, head to A.C. Moore, and get creative while watching those recently Oscar winning movies you never got to see.
Need some fast cash?
Take advantage of your time at home and sell some clothes! We can bet at least half of your wardrobe hasn’t been touched this semester, let’s be honest. So before you hit the road to your hometown, remember to pack those clothes at school that you never wear (and bet you probably won’t in the future). Then, find a consignment store near your home that buys used clothes, and you’re golden! (We’ll pretend you won’t spend your newly earned cash right away on H&M’s current collection…)
So collegiettes, don’t bum about a plan-less break and park in front of the TV for a week (even though that’s always fun!). There are still tons of options before you, so go have fun! 

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