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Katie Melland ’17

Name: Katie Melland

Year: 2017

Major: Studio Art

Hometown: New Canaan, CT

Relationship Status: Single & falling in love with life. For real, though– I find new reasons to be happy all the time. 


·      Drawing

·      Dancing

·      Pinterest DIYs

·      Classic movies

·      Good quality conversations


Her Campus: Celebrity Crush?

Katie: Jared Padalecki from Supernatural and Gilmore Girls. 


Her Campus: One thing you can’t live without?

Katie: My wide assortment of glitter gel pens… in every color that exists.


Her Campus: Guilty pleasure?

Katie: Reading fluffy celebrity biographies (Tiny Fey’s most recently) and watching Rodgers & Hammerstein’s musicals. Also dhall baby cakes. 


Her Campus: Favorite movie?

Katie: The Sound of Music— spinning on an Austrian hilltop singing “THE HILLS ARE ALIVEEEE” is on my bucket list. The hilltop is probably brown and muddy from the millions of other people with the same dream, but I’ll enjoy it nevertheless.


Her Campus: Your favorite phrase, line, or word?

Katie: I don’t know what I like more, the phrase “Haters gonna hate” or the word “sassafras.” Both are unapologetic and really sassy. 


Her Campus: What is your favorite thing about Saratoga?

Katie: The tons of coffee shops on/off Broadway and how I can pick which one hang out in for hours with a free reading book based on my mood. If I want a bagel, I go to Uncommon Grounds, but I’m also a big fan of Spot Coffee’s lattes. I don’t have a definite “favorite” coffee shop yet. 

A senior at Skidmore College, who loves beagles, batman, and sushi. You can find me dreaming about Anderson Cooper and doing crossword puzzles.
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