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Juicy Couture Forever <3

Wow.  Writing an article about Juicy Couture brings me back to elementary school.  Welcome to my time machine………

It is the year 2012, you show up to school each day in a different valor Juicy Couture tracksuit and a cute shirt of the same brand underneath. A headband with a multicolored design is clearly displayed in your hair. Confidence is radiating through your entire body because you know you look fly as hell. You walk through the doors of your classroom and heads turn. Everyone is either matching you, or envying your dope style. A typical day in the life.

As a die-hard Juicy Couture fan, I have watched the Juicy trend fade, and many people’s faith to the brand dwindle over the years. It breaks my heart to hear of so many Juicy’s removed from closets all over the world in genuine fear that this look would never return.  

Fast forward to now. I hate to say that I knew, or even predicted that the Juicy Couture signature apparel would resurface, but what can I say?  Y’all really should have listened.  I proudly kept these style statement pieces hidden away, ready to pull them out at any moment.  Well, that moment has arrived.  

I pride myself on wearing these clothing items from my past and displaying the subtle “j” zipper.  Juicy Couture is forever. It is a family brand.  It grows up with you.  Juicy Couture if you are reading this please sponsor me! XD  





Yazzy Goodman

Skidmore '22

Yazzy is a sophomore at Skidmore College. She lives for velour Juicy Couture track suits and flowy pants, and loves writting about a wide range of topics! Xoxo.
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