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It’s a Wrap: Smartphone Cases for Each Personality

Phone cases are no longer just to protect your cell, but have become a big statement about who you are, and that’s a lot of pressure! The good news is that we’ve matched each personality to a trendy accessory, so you don’t have to worry. Here we go:

The simplest option, the bumper is just a rim around the edges of your phone. It says that you’re a no-fuss, simplistic person who wants a little coverage without losing the sleekness and small size of the phone. You’re a more effortless kind of cool.

Apple iPhone 4 Bumper, Apple, $29

All About the Pattern
Printed iPhone cases are representative of the bold, enthusiastic, and outgoing. The louder the print, the louder the personality! We love how many options are out there. 

Hakuna Matata, Society6, $35

Stars and Stripes
That being said, polka dots and stripes, especially of the Kate Spade variety,indicates someone who is preppy, put-together and designer brand-loving. We’re loving the chicness of this gold and white case.

Diagonal Stripe iPhone 4 Case, Kate Spade, $40

Heavy Duty
A sure sign of a klutz or someone who just doesn’t want to break her phone. You are more interested in picking a color than picking a unique or bold phone case, and thus are more understated. Brands like Speck, LifeCase, and Incase are for you! 

Ping Pong Protective Cover, Incase, $29

You love something, like a TV show, sports team or even a piece of nature, so much that you want to showcase it to everyone. You’re outgoing, a bit obsessive, and open to embracing and discussing your passion, no matter how silly or dorky it is (i.e. the Tardis case). 

Dr. Who Tardis Police Box iPhone Case, Etsy.com, $19

You’re cute, cuddly, and love something that will make you feel fuzzy inside. You’re youthful, free-spirited and fun, and happy to be who you are and enjoy yourself without being too serious. You can even customize your case with a photo of your furry loved one from home! 

Kyla, RedBubble, $37

You like being a little unique, a little different, and definitely specifically YOU. You’re spunky, confident andopen about the fact that you’re sure of yourself. The choices for patterns and colors of these cases are as varied and unique as you are! 

Chevron Pattern Monograph Cell Phone Case, The Preppy Techie, $56.

If you’ve already pre-ordered the iPhone 5, congrats! We hope we found you a match to accessorize you’re new gadget. For the rest of us ladies though, don’t worry. Each of our examples has complements in a range of other smartphones. Happy shopping!

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