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Human Impact Projects in the Midst of Climate Change

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Skidmore chapter.

As a recently declared double major in psychology and art with a concentration in photography, I want to use my art to promote social change. It just so happens that I am pursuing projects about the environment in both my photography class and my books arts class, specifically during this time when climate activism is constantly in the news. I consider my art to be my way of “striking,” of standing up for what I believe in. 

My photography project explores the idea of human impact. I create images that capture how we as humans affect the natural world. Everything we do affects our world in many ways, which is evident from cigarette butts turning sidewalks green to air vents full of dead insects. I want to show this; every little thing we do has an impact that builds up to a larger issue like climate change. Big issues like climate change do not happen overnight, but every small, environmentally unsound thing that humans do contributes to them. Changing even the little things that I capture in my photos can make a positive impact.

For an assignment in my books arts class, I wrote the following poem that will make you think:


Our generation is destroying the environment

And I refuse to believe that

Our beautiful world can be saved

This may be surprising, but

The majesty of mountains, allure of oceans, and enchanting forests 

That is a lie

Nature must die

In 30 years people will be told that

Our generation had its priorities straight because

Fossil Fuels 

Are more important than 



(now read each line from bottom to top) 


All my art promotes the same message: now is the time to wake up and fight for what you believe in when it comes to climate change and the environment! I urge you to appreciate the natural world and be more conscious of how you might be contributing to climate change. Be conscious of what’s happening and what science and the media are telling you about the environment. Our generation can either make a change, or we can make peace with the fact that the environment will take a turn for the worse. I try to promote these ideas with my artwork, and I look forward to continuing to work on my crafts and express myself.  

Samantha Berger

Skidmore '22

Samantha is a Class of 2022 student at Skidmore College. She's had several photography, writing, and communications internships in and around her hometown of West Bloomfield, Michigan. This includes photographing for Laurie Tennent Studios and the Jewish Community Center of Metro Detroit as well as writing for Downtown Publications. In her free time she loves to run, travel, ski, watch movies, and hang with friends.
Daisy Fey

Skidmore '22

Hey everyone! I'm Daisy and I'm a graduating senior at Skidmore College this year! I'm currently the Campus Coordinator for the Skidmore chapter of HER Campus. I love writing opinion pieces, how to's, and making playlists. Thanks for checking out my page!