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I recently embarked on a mission to find the perfect fall coat and boy oh boy did I hit the jackpot. Barbour is a brand known for its timeless, classic, and long-lasting apparel. I had a few friends with Barbour coats and as soon as they flashed their corduroy collars, I was sold.

I ended up going with the navy Beadnell jacket and even got a detachable hood for when it rains. I am already in love and have been wearing it everyday. Below are 3 ways that I’ve styled the jacket with a more athletic look, a girly weekend look, and a simple “going to class” look.

Outfit 1: As “Athletic” as I Get

On this day I was going to the gym and ended up stopping by the women’s soccer game to watch for a bit. It was pretty chilly so I layered a workout tank and a sweater under the jacket and paired it with Lulu Lemon leggings and Nike free-runs. I was comfy and warm and didn’t look too distraught over the lack of available treadmills. Of course, no “casual gym” outfit would be complete with a water bottle filled with iced matcha and some sun glasses.

Outfit 2: A Trip to the Farmers Market

Today, I grabbed a friend and strolled on over to the Saratoga Farmers Market. It was a little chilly and there was a good chance of rain, so i pulled on my trusty Hunter rain boots and layered a long sleeved sweater dress under my jacket. This look was easy to put together and still looked pretty polished.

Outfit 3: Too Many Classes in 1 Day

This outfit was donned on a beautiful Wednesday in which I had 3 classes before 12pm and another in the afternoon. Way. Too. Many. Classes. However, I was still able to look like I wasn’t popping under the pressure with a pair of dark wash jeans, a black sweater, some structured sunglasses, and my trusty jacket. Add on some clean low-top sneakers and you’re good to go!

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