How it Feels to Leave Your Pet at Home

To have a pet is a wonderful thing. That small little life long friend that’s there for you from your horrific junior prom, to the glorious day of your long-time-coming high school graduation, and, of course, for everything in between. However, after the cap flicks off of your fingers and your gown is returned to whatever rental company your high school got it from, you find that it’s time to leave your home and head off on a new adventure. Sometimes, that adventure is college, and, if you have a cat, dog, snake or frog that you leave at home, you know exactly how tragic leaving a pet can be. Here are 5 things that leaving your pet for college feels like:

1) You pray to go home as soon as possible to see him or her

2) You curl up in bed and reach your hand out beside you, only to find that you’re alone, and you’re cat or dog is miles away.

3) You see a dog on campus and want to weep.

4) Like you’ll never feel whole again.

5) Like you finally understand Marley & Me.