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Emma Harris (’11), followed by her fellow travelers, rides horseback through a deserted beach on off of Jeffrey’s Bay, located about 8 hours North of Cape Town, South Africa. Here are a few words on the joys and struggles of this beautiful but temperamental country from our abroad correspondent of the week!

“I am abroad for the semester in Cape Town, South Africa through a program called CIEE. There are 160 other American students on the program and we are all studying at the University of Cape Town, the most respected university
in Africa. So far I have been thriving in this beautiful weather, cultural diversity, and relaxed environment. While on a road trip last week with my friends I bungee jumped from the highest spot in the world!
Due to all of the beauty surrounding me here, it is often easy to forget that it is still a third world country and there are many aspects of African culture that are hard to adapt to. For example, cell phones are all ?pay as you go? and calls cost about 7 rand (approx $1) per minute. Internet is ?pay as you go? as well and more often than not does not even work! Also, because South Africa was segregated black and white until the mid 1990?s, racial tension is still very present today. Although everything is fully integrated, about 90% of the population still lives below the poverty level, the overwhelming majority black.”

To read more about Emma’s adventures, check out her blog at www.fourgirlsoneworldcup.blogspot.com!
Also, stay tuned for future featured abroad correspondents. It’s a great way to check in with your friends, and also learn more about where you may want to study for your own semester abroad.

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