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George Pisano, 2018, on the Weirdest Place He’s Ever Vomited

Name: George Pisano

Class Year: 2018

Major: History 

Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland

Hobbies/Activities: Hiking and climbing, interrupting Gwen, reciting political speeches, seeing how many times I can quote something in a day

Her Campus: Who was your favourite Power Ranger?

George Pisano: The green one, for sure.

HC: What has been your favorite Outing Club Trip?

GP: Death Valley, because it was really cool to see a new environment. I also tried In n Out for the first time. I got animal fries, but I’m still a Five Guys loyalist. Five Guys is a humble and honest burger; it’s just Five Guys, you know. In all seriousness, though, Death Valley was an incredible experience. It was so far removed from anything we have from the east coast. There were no trees, so if you were standing in the open valleys you could see for miles and miles, but at the same time there were also canyons with really tall walls, so being inside them totally reduced your world. It was like being in a video game where you can’t go to either side of the map—you could only go back to where you came from or forward into something you didn’t know.

HC: What’s your favorite card game?

GP: Durok. I like it because it hurts me.

HC: Where is the weirdest place you’ve ever vomited?

GP: In a friend’s shoes. I was bundled up in my sleeping bag and we were in a tent, so I had to get out of my sleeping bag and the tent. I managed to, but forgot his shoes were sitting right outside the tent. He still doesn’t know.

HC: What’s your favorite cookie?

GP: Berger cookies. They’re hands down the greatest cookie in the world; if you haven’t tried them you don’t know. You can only get them in Maryland.

HC: What historical figure do you want to take to dinner, and where would you go?

GP: I feel like I wanna take Teddy Roosevelt. First to a vegan joint, and then to a bar—or maybe first to a bar and then to a vegan joint. I just want to see what he would have to say about that.

HC: Would you rather have lobster claws for hands or smell like lobster for the rest of your life? 

GP: Definitely would rather smell like lobster, ’cause I could make that work. 

Gwen is a senior, English major, and co-CC of Her Campus Skidmore. She spends a lot of time watching Pretty Little Liars and Fixer Upper, listening to music, staring at her comptuer screen and wishing words would come easier, and waiting for the New York Islanders to win another Stanley Cup (preferably at the Coli). Also, she really likes cheese and is trying to learn to skateboard. It's not going very well.
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