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The Fear of Freshman Fever… Uncovered

It seems as though getting ill during freshman year of college has become an unfortunate, regular occurrence. It might even be considered a right of passage. Whether it be mono, the flu, pneumonia, scurvy, or some mix of a number of ailments, the unfortunate truth is that many people have a story to tell about a freshman year health fiasco. If you have been able to dodge this bullet, I both congratulate and envy you!

It would be an understatement to say the pneumonia hit me like a truck this past October. In fact, pneumonia sent me home from school for three weeks. Let me just say that that was a lot of time to spend with my parents! This long absence was nerve racking for me. Just as I had become fully settled and acclimated with college life, pneumonia set me back and made me concerned for my academic career. People who have also experienced freshman year illnesses also say that missing work was the main source of panic. 

If you were wondering how one might manage her schoolwork during such a time, here are some tips from myself, now a professional in this area. 

  • Reach out to your professors and tell them you are sick

A fever of 103 degrees did not help me in writing essays!!! Make sure to ask for extensions, professors are usually very understanding. 

  • If the absences persist, contact student services at your school and inform them of your medical complications
  • Do not stress yourself out during this time, but do whatever work you are physically capable of doing. 

If you have never experienced such an academically crippling illness, here are some tips to prevent one: 

  1. Always wear a coat outside as the weather becomes colder!! The saying that “a h-e never gets cold” DOES NOT APPLY to the freezing cold temperature outside.  If you are going out at night, but fear ruining your outfit with a bulky winter coat or a special garment you would be devastated to lose, invest in something inexpensive and warm. 

            If your destination is a significant distance away requiring walking in the frigid air, consider using a ride service such as Uber or Lyft.

                                    Stay safe and WARM!  

  1. Drink lots and lots of fluids.  Hydration is crucial- a nice balance of water and juice is ideal.  Hydrate or diedrate…. you know what’s up.
  2. Sleep.  Catch those z’s whenever you can.  Z Z Z Z Z Z Z 
  3. Tips 2 and 3 sound like common sense, or like something your mom would say, but sometimes you need a gentle reminder.  You’re welcome.   

Once you recover, make sure to take the next few weeks slowly.  Don’t push yourself, and remember that there are 4 years ahead of you to go out and make memories, staying in for a weekend will not be the end of your college career.  This is only the beginning!!!



Yazzy Goodman

Skidmore '22

Yazzy is a sophomore at Skidmore College. She lives for velour Juicy Couture track suits and flowy pants, and loves writting about a wide range of topics! Xoxo.
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