Exclusive: Inside the Minds of Skidmore Men

The wonderful thing about Her Campus is that it is a place where college women’s voices can be heard unapologetically. But here at HC Skidmore we don’t discriminate and, let’s be honest, sometimes it’s fun to hear another perspective. I have gathered four of the lovely men of Skidmore to answer some pressing questions (that they helped me come up with).These men were very excited when I suggested that they participate in a Her Campus interview, but wish to remain anonymous so I have assigned each of them a number. Read on for some fascinating (and often frightening) insights from the minds of Skidmore men!


HC: What’s your go-to line?

1: Did I have a class with you?

2: Do you come here often?

3: I don’t need a line.


How often does it work?

All: TBD

Note: none of these have been tested.


How often do you cry?

2: The last few weeks I’ve cried at least four times. But before that it’s been at least 10 years.

3: Honestly I don’t even remember.

1: I cried at the end of Toy Story 3 in eighth grade. A lot of tears.


Do you have a guilty pleasure song?

1: Bach.

2: The whole Disney playlist. I’m not talking just Disney, but like Disney princesses.

3: I’m not ashamed of my music taste.

4: Who Says by Selena Gomez


How much thought do you put into what you’re going to wear on a first date?

2: 5 minutes, tops.

1: We put more thought into it than you’d think.

3: On weekends, I’ll come downstairs in one shirt and go back up and change. We think hard about it but we have a less variety of options.

4: There are less things for me to worry about. I look like me no matter what I’m wearing. You have to be comfortable in it.


What do you think about during sex?

2: I think about food.

3: It depends. Cuz like, am I enjoying it, am I not enjoying it. How long am I tryna keep my brain focused.

1: It depends if you’re having an exchange of infatuation versus if you’ve been in a relationship for a long amount of time.


How often do you wash your sheets?

2: Once a month.

1: Depends how often I’m having sex.


Favorite Rom-Com?

4: Crazy, Stupid, Love. Or 27 Dresses.

2: I Love You, Man or She’s Out of My League.

1: Princess Bride. Or Princess Diaries.


Celebrity Crush:

1: John Stamos and Emma Watson

2: Michael B Jordan and Kate Beckinsdale

4: The Rock and Emma Watson

3: Scar Jo and George Clooney


Do you ask you friends for advice when you’re texting a girl?

3: All the time. I have the tendency to say really stupid shit

2: Never

4: In the beginning


How hard do you stalk girls on social media?

3: Depends on my relationship to her.

4: If I don’t know her, very hard. I go to her friends too. The tagged photo section on Instagram is also really good.


Do you believe in leagues?

4: If you’re good enough at the game it’s not really a thing

2: I don’t think there are leagues.

1: I think it’s more nuanced than "leagues." 


What question have you always wanted to ask a girl?

3: Can you please make your signs of interest more obvious.


`*These responses indicate the viewpoints of only a few Skidmore students