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The Emotional Stages of an Adele Concert

I have been in love before. I know the way it makes your chest feel, like you’re drowning almost, and the way it makes your heart flutter, and your cheeks hurt from smiling, and your head from spinning. And I know the way it keeps you up at night, and the way it scratches at your throat for the right words, and the way it makes you doubt your every move, your every thought, and makes you feel like. Now, I’m not saying that the few loves I have had have ever been mutual. In fact, let me put it out there right now that they have never been, and maybe that’s why I am always in such incredible emotional pain.

            Or it’s the reason why I find Adele and her music to be so incredibly moving. A few weekends ago, I was lucky enough to take a quick train ride back home, to New York City, to see her in concert. So my two best friends, my brother, and I slipped into our comfiest crying clothes, and shuffled, hand in hand, to Madison Square Garden.

            Immediately, I was overcome by this woman’s power. It’s amazing to see so many men and women flocking to one place to hear the words and music of a single human. I’ve never been one to cry because of music, but I can swear to you that I wept from start to finish of this concert. I almost think everyone in the room did. Adele was able to move all 15,000 of us because she understands love.

            I can hardly express what it was like to see this woman live, but here are five pictures that will do there best for me. 




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