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Emily Kortright ’15

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Skidmore chapter.
Name: Emily Kortright
Class Year: 2015
Major/Minor: Sociology, Management and Business/English minors
Her Campus: How did you get involved with a cappella?
Emily: Well I’ve been singing my whole life, but I was in an all female choir in high school and, pretty much purely from lack of funds for a good accompanist, we sang most of our songs a cappella. When I came to Skidmore, I knew I wanted to continue that—plus, I had seen the Accents at my Accepted Students Day and pretty much decided that I was going to be in the group no matter what.
Her Campus: Now you’re president, right? What’s that like?
Emily: I’m currently the co-president with Jenn Florence. For me, being president is a way to show the rest of the girls how much I care about the group, as well a way to uphold the standards and traditions that I’ve learned throughout the years from all the amazing women I’ve had an opportunity to sing with. I’m so lucky to have been given this opportunity.
Her Campus: What’s the most challenging part of being in an a cappella group?
Emily: Probably the most challenging part of being in an a cappella group is similar to the most challenging parts of being a part of any team or group. You have all of these extremely talented women, who also happen to be extremely busy women with their own lives. So sometimes the hardest—and simultaneously best—part is having to figure out how to fit twelve different lives into the rehearsal process. Not only does the music suffer if we can’t all be together, but we all just really miss each other. haha
Her Campus: What’s your favorite memory with your group?
Emily: Ahh, this is hard. Any time we make a jam (final show) video, it’s always a blast. But I would have to say that the video where we dressed up as the founding fathers and ended by singing out Salt-N-Pepa medley—still in costume, mind you—is a shining moment for me. I was Alexander Hamilton.
Her Campus: Do you have any upcoming concerts?
Emily: We do a lot of smaller gigs around campus—look for us at a few events on Thursday, in fact. We also have our reunion coming up on April 18th, where all former Accents are invited to come back and perform. It only happens every four years so don’t miss it.
Ileana is a senior at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, New York. She lives in Eugene, Oregon when not at school. Ileana is studying Sociology and English. She loves writing, decorating clothing, and spending time with friends. You can also check out her personal blog at http://sometimesiweartiaras.wordpress.com/. Thanks for reading!