Email Isn't Dead

Since texting took over, emailing has lost its magic. Of course it is still used in business, but not to keep in touch socially. In middle school I would email my friends all the time; not all of them had phones so we would email each other instead. We would send a variety of things from daily updates, links to funny videos, and the infamous chain emails. Once we all got smartphones emailing died and we started texting and using social media to stay connected.


As a college student I’m on my email a lot, getting updates from professors and making appointments. Email has wiggled it's way back into my life as a major form of communication. During midterm week I was in the library for a while and my phone died and I did not have a charger. My friend and I were in the middle of a conversation and I felt bad leaving her hanging by just not replying, so I emailed her. I emailed her with a description of the situation and I very formally apologized. In email, there’s no room for jokes.


Now, we go back and forth and email each other about our weeks and even little things like tests and class. It's a good venting mechanism and we learn more about each other than we could in text. Don't get me wrong, we still call and text almost everyday, but emailing adds a whole new side to the friendship.