Ecem Alçın '14

Campus Cutie Ecem Alçın, Class of 2014

Name: Ecem Alçın

Class Year: 2014

Major: Theatre

Hometown: Istanbul, Turkey

Hobbies: People watching, writing, photography, jewelry making, painting my nails in grandma colors, dreaming of my next meal

Relationship Status: Single

Describe your ultimate dream date.

The plot of the movie Before Sunrise.

Favorite movie?

The Hours.

Favorite ice cream flavor?


What do you notice first in a guy?

His height.

What’s your spirit animal?

I guess I would be a wolf. I am sort of a lone wolf.

Which Disney princess would you be and why?

I was never into Disney princesses, but I remember really loving Mulan when I first saw it. I love her self-reliance. Also I, too, have gotten myself into awkward situations plenty of times due to my clumsiness.

What is number one on your senior year bucket list?

I still haven’t hit the train tracks!

If you could give a freshman one piece of advice, what would it be?

Laundry is like studying. It's a lot easier in smaller, more frequent loads.

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