Dancing Queen: Jessie Kogan

Name: Jessie Kogan

Hometown: Larchmont, NY

Major: Dance Major, Education and Arts Administration Minors

HC: Why are you excited about this show?

JK: I’m excited about this show because it’s my last Winter Concert and I get to perform with some of my best friends who I have grown with throughout my time at Skidmore! 


HC: Tell me about the piece you're in!

JK: The piece that I’m in is choreographed by Erika Pujic and has 34 dancers in it. It is really exciting because it incorporates a lot of different elements of performance beyond just dancing, with vocalizations done by the dancers and live music by Carl Landa and a professional singer. 


HC: What's your favorite part of the dance department?

JK: My favorite part of the dance department is that it gives really high level training in a liberal arts environment - so there isn’t the competitive nature you might get at a conservatory or a school with BFA programs. I also think it’s really great that the dance department has classes for all levels of dancers starting with the dance experience, because it allows anyone into the department and gives an opportunity to dance to people who wouldn’t generally sign up for a dance class. 


HC: What has been your favorite show/piece to perform?

JK: My favorite show was spring semester of my freshman year where I performed two etudes, one by David Parsons and one by José Limon. This was a fun and interesting experience because we learned a lot about different styles of dance through these pieces and were able to embody the movement of these renowned choreographers which we don’t get to do most of the time in the department. 


Make sure to check out the winter concert this weekend!