Coming Back From Abroad: As Told By Gifs

It’s the first week of school, things are exciting, you’ve moved into your first (kinda) grown-up apartment! You step out from the comfort of your own home and all of a sudden, it hits you: WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE? As a student who went abroad for their entire academic junior year, I missed out on meeting the current sophomores at my school, not to mention the ultimate newbies of freshman now wandering around campus with a dazed look on their face (same, honestly though...) This means that HALF the student body on campus is new to my eyes, and let’s be real did I even really care to introduce myself to the freshman when I was a big, bad sophomore? No, no I did not. Not to mention the fact that the workload abroad is exponentially smaller than the workload back on campus… Already…. Walking onto campus after being abroad for a year looked a little like this:


I leave my apartment with all the confidence of a senior who does not AND cannot give a *&%$:

I see my girls who I haven’t seen IN A LITERAL YEAR and we know we rule the school:

First day of classes, I know where I’m going and get to class at the perfect time:

Looking around my GenEd class I put off to the last moment and not recognizing a single face:

Realizing I cannot make adequate food and coffee like I’ve had abroad in Europe and give up almost immediately:

Walking to class and feeling like an outsider because SERIOUSLY WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE:

Missing being abroad more than anything but you have to get your degree… Right?

No, no you’re excited to be back and ruling the school with your Day 1’s by your side :