The Comeback: The 10 Best ‘90s Trends that are Back in Style

What’s not to love about the ‘90s? Jelly pens, chokers and platform shoes, a new Mary-Kate and Ashley movie to watch at your Friday night sleepover? Sounds like heaven to me.

Since the ‘90s are undoubtedly one of the best decades, we are thrilled that so many ‘90s trends are back in style. Get your grunge on and check out some of our favorites:

1. Chokers

We all rocked these on the playground in our elementary school years, but now, you can now pair a choker with various length necklaces to create either an edgy or a more sophisticated look.

2. Doc Martens

Docs look great paired with any other ‘90s trends. They are the perfect accessories to rough up a conservative outfit.

3. Crop tops

A staple.

4. Floral skater and maxi dresses

And a personal favorite: these dresses look great when accessorized with chokers and Doc Martens, take note ladies.

5. Jelly sandals

Jellies come in an array of different colors and heights, which gives endless possibilities for wearing them.  They look awesome with colorful socks, as shown below!

6. Platforms

Super wide platforms were all the rage in the ‘90s. Platforms are back, but with a much-needed upgrade; they are sleeker and more stylish, but still retain the edginess that made the ‘90s unique. Check out Jeffrey Campbell for some extreme platforms:

7. Scruniches

Here’s another 90s item back with a twist. Scrunchies are great for securing a sleek topknot but equally great for making your plain pony tail more fun.

For some extra ‘90s flair, wear velvet scrunchies.

8. Flannels

A must have for any grungy ‘90s girl as well as for any Skidmore collegiate trying to look good in this never-ending winter weather.

9. Destroyed/High-waisted denim

Destroyed and/or high-waisted denim is the frontrunner in race for most popular  ‘90s trend back in fashion. Whether your jeans are ripped, high-waisted, or both, you’re rocking some prime ‘90s style. Check out this awesome pair of vintage Calvin Klein jeans for the perfect distressed denim inspiration:

*Note: great with all other ‘90s trends.

10. Overalls

Overalls are the latecomers to the game, just gaining popularity now as the newest ‘90s trend back in style. Overalls are great because they are easy and trendy at the same time. There is more variety in style, shape, and, material of contemporary overalls, which makes them even better the second time around.