Come On Barbie, Let's Go Party

Okay, real talk: The Barbie franchise has had a lot of backlash because of the stereotypical Barbie doll model; and while that is an important discussion to have, no light has been shed on the Barbie movies. The movies are incredible, action-packed, pieces of pure EXCELLENCE. These coming of age movies show Barbie (different name in each film) in strong leads; and, as a bonus, some Barbie movies don’t even include a romantic interest, which means that most Barbie movies would pass the Bechdel test #check! They are all about girl power and c’mon, who doesn’t love that.

Collectively, there are 36 Barbie films, but here are my top three favorites:


* Barbie in the Princess and the Pauper

* This masterpiece is, in fact, also a musical! Two girls, Erika and Anneliese, are born into two different families, one a servant and one a princess, respectively. But when Princess Anneliese goes missing, Erika is recruited by Julian (Anneliese’s tutor and love interest;)) to disguise as Anneliese until they can find where she went. Along the way, these two girls discover what it means to live in the someone else’s shoes.

* Barbie and the Diamond Castle

* This one is also a musical! Whoot whoot! Two girls, Liana and Alexa, find two heart-shaped lockets in the river, not knowing that they are trinkets from the mythical Diamond Castle. On a quest to discover the castle, free Melody (an apprentice trapped in a mirror), and stop Lydia from finding the castle, Liana and Alexa discover how the power of friendship is enough to defeat evil.

* Barbie and the Twelve Dancing Princesses

* Not a musical (Alexa, play Despacito), but this story is all about sisterhood. When Kind Randolph--father of 12 girls--summons his cousin Duchess Rowena to teach the girls how to be “proper” and “lady-like”, the princesses are on a mission to find ways to dance and just have fun!


These are half-assed descriptions for absolutely astonishing films, but I guess you’ll just have to watch the movies to find out what really goes down! And if you liked these movies, I recommend checking out Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse (on Netflix), which is sure to make you laugh:)