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From Cali to NJ: What Collegiettes Miss Most from Home

Saratoga Springs is fullof our favorite cafes, shops, downtown hangouts, and of course our lovely college. But as homey as Skidmore feels, sometimes we just crave those things from home that you can’t find here. We asked collegiettes to share what they miss most from home.
Here’s what you said!

“I miss the down-to-earth, laid back atmosphere of my town. But mostly, I miss my cat.” – Thetford, Vermont
“Homemade pesto, my mom’s hugs, my horse, my dog, and my dad’s hugs.” – New Jersey
“I miss the mountains.” - California
“I miss having dinner with my family because it’s nice to be able to eat together. I also miss having the familiarity of my town and being able to see my high school friends.”
– New Jersey
“My mom’s cooking.” – Richmond, Massachusetts
“Real maple syrup and Cold Hollow apple cider.” - Vermont

“The beach is a huge part of my life. I miss that a lot when I'm here, and the weather too! You can't beat the weather in SoCal.” - Malibu, California
“I miss my family, horses, and dog most. And the busy streets of Hong Kong.” - China
“All the Hawaiian food, my parents, the beach, the warmth, falling asleep to the sound of the ocean in my bed, my friends, watching sunrises and sunsets over the ocean, walking around barefoot and in a bathing suit, lazy days, and hiking.” – Kailua, Hawaii
“My dog, Fat Lu!” – Millington, New Jersey
“I miss my bed, my shower (andhaving my own bathroom) and I miss having me-time. You can find pockets of time here and there at Skidmore when you're alone, but even then there are always people around.” - California
“I miss the ocean the most.”
– Belmar, New Jersey
“My favorite thing from home is my laundry lady (aka Mom). She's so good at making my whites white! ?And obviously, I miss my dog, my Mom's love of baking, cabinets that are always stocked with food, borrowing clothes from my sister's closet, fresh seafood, and take out from Whole Foods.” - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
“The sweet tea, fruit tea, and authentic Mexican restaurants, especially the white queso dip!” – Nashville, Tennessee
“I miss the warm weather.” – Baltimore, Maryland
“I miss family, friends, the beach, palm trees, the pier, downtown, my favorite restaurants, beautiful 70 degree weather all the time, driving home to see the ocean everyday, walks on the beach with my favorite people, and bike rides.”  - Santa Barbara, California
And sometimes, we just miss Skidmore.

“Being abroad, I miss everyone speaking English, sitting in Coffee Traders all day doing homework, being 5 minutes away from anything I could ever need on campus, my family and friends, and the dog.” – Paris, France (Pelham, New York)
“I miss being able to call my friends and family up and inviting them over spontaneously for a cup of tea. I also really miss my dog and peanut butter.” – Madrid, Spain (Berwyn, Pennsylvania)
Skidmore does a great job giving us a home away from home, but nothing beats mom’s cooking, sunny beaches, and of course, our favorite furry friends.

Emma Weinstein is a senior at Skidmore College majoring in Art History. She loves being a part of Her Campus Skidmore and has written articles throughout her four years. Emma is an avid equestrian and member of the Riding Team. Other hobbies include travel, cooking, and personal fitness.
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