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Brendan Cottam

Hometown: Belmont, MA

Class Year: Senior (about to graduate!)

Major: Business Major, English and Economics Minors

Relationship Status: In a dreamy relationship

Hobbies/Interests: Marketing, CrossFit (check it out), hockey, writing, FIFA, listening to cover bands, craft beer, and helping other people out.


Celebrity crush?

Jennifer Aniston

Favorite chick flick?


What qualities do you look for in a girl?

The first quality I look for in a girl is independence. That’s a really important one for me. I like it when a girl doesn’t conform to anyone around her – be it friends, boyfriend or others. After that, I am looking for the chill factor. Can I sit down and grab coffee or lunch with you and have fun?

Dream date?

Nicki Minaj or Lady Gaga

What will you miss the most about Skidmore?

I will definitely miss Thursday and Saturday nights the most. There is no better feeling than finishing up a long week of schoolwork and heading downtown with the rest of Skidmore to have a good time. I won’t miss Sundays, though!

What are your plans after graduation?

After graduation, I am moving to Philly where I don’t know anybody… yet. I will be working for a marketing agency, which is something I have been wanting for a couple years now. I am really looking forward to post-college life. I hear there are some perks that you don’t have in college – like a consistent paycheck. :) 

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