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The Balloon Festival You Need to See

This weekend was the 45th anniversary of the annual Adirondack Balloon Festival. For those who grew up in Saratoga or near the Adirondack park, attending the balloon festival may be a family tradition or a  fun trip to take with friends. For those who aren’t from the area, here is a little bit about the festival and why it’s an event not to miss! 



The Adirondack balloon festival is a non-for-profit organization that runs entirely on local volunteer help. It’s free to attend but you are encouraged to buy an official program to help support the local business  and keep the festival running. It is held every year at the Floyd Bennett Airport in Queensbury, New York (about 30 minutes from Skidmore). The first flight of hot air balloons is from 6:30-7:30 am when up to 100 balloons take off! The morning is the most remarkable time to see the balloons because they go up with the sunrise! It is stunning. The second flight is from 5-6:15pm when another 100 balloon take-off. The last flight is called “Lighting Up the Night” at 8pm where they send 30 hot air balloons up after dark. Between flights there are music performances, food vendors, craft fairs, and other activities for some serious fun. For an additional fee, some vendors offer flights up in the balloons! Below are some photos of last year’s festival and THIS is a link to their official website. I encourage everyone to check it out!


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