7 Reasons Why Everyone Should Be a Shawn Mendes Fan

First off, we've recently started dating. This isn’t public knowledge yet, but I trust all you Her Campus readers out there, and want you to be among the first to know. Here is a picture we took together the other day, just hanging out in my Joto single.

1. He writes his own music, and he is DEEP in his feelings. I’m very comfortable with the fact that an eighteen-year-old boy can adequately verbalize my emotional state at any given moment.

2. His photo shoot for Flaunt magazine. This shoot was a beautiful mix of awkward teendom and pure lust. Enjoy this behind the scenes video of our man working it for the camera.


3. His song “Bad Reputation”. Sometimes I sit my window seat, look out the window, listen to Bad Reputation, and take comfort in the fact that I know, in my heart of hearts, that the song was written for/about me.


4. His adorable friendship with Niall Horan. Backstage at the AMA’s, two of my favorite teen heartthrobs joined musical forces for an impromptu performance of Shawn’s Mercy. Who needs Zayn, right Niall? (I do. I still need him.)


5. His intensely dramatic and somber music videos. The first time I watched the Stitches video, I genuinely held my breath for the full three minutes and fifty-nine seconds. I appreciate that he knows how to build suspense and make me feel for him!


6. He nailed his SNL performance. As any fan of the show knows, that is not a simple or easy task, even for the most talented musicians (I’m looking at you, Lana Del Rey).


7. He takes musical risks. Despite being an unapologetic pop singer, Shawn isn’t afraid to cross over and take on songs from other genres. Recently, he covered Fake Love, by Drake, in the BBC Live Lounge, and blew us all away.


So there you go! Just seven of the many reasons why Shawn Mendes deserves your unconditional love, support, and monetary funding.