6 Reasons to Have Your Own WSPN Radio Show

One of the benefits of attending a small liberal arts college is the ability to get involved in a multitude of organizations with ease. That being said, do not pass up the opportunity to have your own radio show at least once during your time here at Skidmore. At the start of every semester, you can apply for either a one- or two-hour time slot on WSPN 91.1, which is our local radio station located in the basement of Jonsson Tower. Here are some of the reasons why you should get involved if you aren’t already:


Experience with public speaking.

The opportunity to be the DJ of your own show is a valuable experience in letting your voice be heard, whether you are sharing your opinion on current events or gushing about your favorite artists.


An opportunity to be creative.

What you do during your time slot, apart from the mandatory PSAs and Hotbox songs, is entirely up to you. It is an amazing opportunity to explore your interests and design a block of media however you wish.


A way to connect with the community.

WSPN is broadcast in many public places on campus, including Burgess and DHall. When you’re on air, someone in the Skidmore community is always listening, regardless of your time slot. Who knows? Someone might even call in just to tell you how incredible your taste in music is.


Family and friends can tune in from ANYWHERE.

WSPN’s website/tune in app makes it possible for anyone, anywhere, to listen. Having a show is a fantastic way for you to show your parents that you are indeed involved in clubs on campus and not only that, but it’s the music scene which is one of the best to be in.


It looks pretty good on a resume!

Despite the fact that radio shows are technically just playing some of your favorite tunes and hanging out with friends, it technically is a responsibility. Running a radio show is highly respectable and shows commitment and genuine outreach to your community, which is what some future employers might look for!


It’s a great spot for you to have your friends hang out as well as meet new people.

As shows switch throughout the hour, you usually get to meet whoever’s radio show is next. It’s nice even just saying hi in passing and hearing about their show or even sticking around to listen for a while.