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21 Signs You’re Skidmore Lazy

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Skidmore chapter.

It’s reaching the end of the year and as you reflect you can’t help but wonder, Why do I feel like the majority of my year was spent watching Netflix? Don’t worry, many of us have similar feelings, and we can all blame the classic problem–Skidmore Lazy. Maybe it’s the weather, maybe we’re just really comfortable here. Either way, it’s a very real condition, so read on to see if you’re suffering from this daily struggle!

1. You print 20 pages in your room because you don’t want to trek to the lib for double-sided printing.

2. You’ve given up on house parties because that means making an additional stop before going downtown.

3. You stopped separating utensils and napkins at Dhall after the first month.

4. You take the elevator in JOTO to floors two-four.

5. You take the elevator in the library, period.

6. You pregame with your three housemates because you don’t want to walk across Northwoods to be more social.

7. It’s a given that you’ll take advantage of the max absences for each class (if not more).

8. You get to Tisch from Northwoods by walking around Howe-Rounds because, ugh, that hill…

9. You quit your tour guide job because Admissions might as well be in Wilton.

10. You happily overused the “it’s too snowy…” excuse for 6 months.

11. You’ve taken taxis downtown from Northwoods because the walk to the bus is just way too far.

12. You order food and live off of Burgess snacks because cooking is an enormous task.

13. You risk getting a ticket to park in the 30 minute parking instead of the Northwoods lot.

14. You curse Skidmore style for not letting you get away with sweatpants and hoodies successfully.

15. For the majority of the year, your legs never see a razor.

16. You drive to/from any location on campus.

17. You don’t go the gym because you don’t want to walk there.

18. As an art major, you’re angry every day that you can’t work from your bed (darn you English majors).

19. You’ve made up elaborate plague excuses via e-mail from your bed that you really just don’t want to leave.

20. Said e-mails are written from your phone because logging onto the computer requires you to stay awake for too long.

21. Your friends would kill you if they knew how many times your “Sorry, I have too much work!” meant, “Sorry…but…my bed.” Hello, Netflix.

Many of us Skiddies happily live like this…sorry not sorry. If you don’t, please tell us your ways!

Have another sign you’re Skidmore lazy? Leave it in a comment!