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13 Hottest Players of Super Bowl XLVIII

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Skidmore chapter.

Whether you love it or love to miss it, the Super Bowl is here.  While some Skiddie girls adore it and count down to the holy day, others spend the game snacking and pretending to be excited by touchdowns.  For those less interested ladies, we at HC have provided some incentive to watch: a little harmless man candy.  Check out the hottest active players (in no particular hotness order) on the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos. The Super Bowl may be worth the watch after all… even if we do have to wait for them to take off their helmets.



Doug Baldwin #89

You just know he was cool in high school.


Kam Chancellor #31

Diamond studs have never looked so good.


Richard Sherman #25

There’s just something about those long locks.


Golden Tate #81

No one can quite pull off a white suit and pink tie like Golden can.


Bobby Wagner #54

A beautiful combination of jawline and bicep vein…


Luke Willson #82

Only Luke can make this face look good.


Russell Wilson #3

He’s sexy yet adorable… A difficult combo to master.





Britton Colquitt #4

Look at his long hair and adorable child. Does it get any better?


Eric Decker #87

Just… yes.


Ronnie Hillman #21

Ronnie, you can give us those sultry eyes any day.


Paris Lenon #51

He furrows his brow, and it’s flawless.


Demaryius Thomas #88

Are faux hawks still cool? Only when Demaryius has one!


Wes Welker #83

To a man who knows the perfect amount of facial hair…and has steely blues.


Honorable Mention: Tim Riggins #33

In case we all forgot the sexiest football player there ever was (well, sort of was). Thank you, Friday Night Lights.


You may love the Super Bowl, you may not… but we can all unite in the appreciation of true beauty.  (Note: Only active players were considered. To those injured and benched… we love you and your hotness, too.) 

Which of these Super Bowl players is your personal fave? Share your thoughts (or new nominations) in the comments below!