Will Colton Underwood Ever Jump the Fence?

Will Colton Underwood Ever Jump the Fence?

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Each week my roommate and I watch the Bachelor hoping that it will the episode where Colton Underwood leaves the house and jumps over the fence. Since the first episode of the season we have screamed at the previews of the iconic fence jump. This is officially the 8th week (of a very uneventful season) where I have wasted 2 hours of my time waiting for this iconic moment. However, the wait appears to be over as next week on episode 9, Colton will officially jump over the fence. But why does he do this?


For those of you who have not read any of this seasons spoilers, many have speculated that he does this because of Cassie’s failure to stay on the show, as we have seen this season before with other contestants. Cassie is clearly not ready to be engaged. Actress Mila Kunis basically said exactly this on Ellen while also calling Heather’s “first kiss” from two episodes ago fake. I have to agree.


Mila Kunis on Cassie and Heather:



As for last night’s episode, it began with another iconic Colton shower scene (great to look at but still would rather see him jump over a fence). It was an okay episode. Still no fence jump but hometown dates are always uncomfortable to watch and I will never forget Tayshia’s dad saying “You don’t microwave relationships,” in response to Tayshia telling him that she would accept Colton’s proposal. I’ll have to remember this line the next time I fall for a fuckboy, which seems to be happening monthly at this point.  At the end of this conversation Tayshia’s father still caves in and gives them his blessing. Let's also not forget Hannah G’s cringey rap with her dad beat boxing, definitely deserves some attention. Colton also managed to drop the “L” word a twice last night both to Hannah G and Tayshia after on last week’s episode he told Cassie he was also falling in love with her. Not sure how credible this is, but I’m definitely hurting for these girls and still looking forward to the fence jump next week.


Here are some relatable tweets about last night's episode:


Just a few of the tweets we all relate to on this season's The Bachelor.