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Why Spending your Life Savings on LUSH Products is Totally Worth it


Lush is a cosmetic brand that everyone seems to be ranting and raving over these days… but can you blame them? I mean, their products are all natural, good for you, AND the environment, oh, and they don’t test on animals either. I don’t know about you, but that’s a bandwagon I’m happy to hop on.



After doing my fair share of research on Lush for my own personal endeavors, I’ve found some amazing stuff on this brand that should sway you to become an avid Lushie, like myself.


First, they’re all natural. I love that all of their ingredients come from ethical sources in nature and are known to do wonders for your body! It’s also awesome that I can pronounce every ingredient on the label as well since there are no harsh or unnatural chemicals. From fruits and veggies, to flowers, to natural oils, the options are endless. If it’s good for your body on the inside, it’s good for the outside as well.



Second, they are environmentally conscious. Lush is all about saving the planet and reducing waste. Which is why a lot of their products have little or no packaging. Their package-less products are part of their “naked” collection. So fun, so cute. If you bring back five empty black pots used for some of their products, they recycle them into new pots to reduce waste and limit production of plastics!


Third, there’s something for everyone. I get it, I’m very particular about what skincare products I use, because I have super sensitive, unpredictable, breakout prone skin. It’s annoying. So skincare is something I’m super skeptical about. However, the options are endless! Their facemasks work wonders, their body washes, lip balms, and lotions are unbelievable, and their bath bombs make beautiful water mosaics that are basically eye candy!!!


Finally, their products smell… amazing, which is an understatement and added bonus. My favorite scent is anything lemon, lavender, or honey. I just spent $40 on Lush products last week that weren’t a want, but a need. After ranting over how great Lush is, I think it’s time to go back to the store and see what other treats I can find!


If this isn’t convincing enough, I don’t know what is! Check out Lush’s store online and Instagram page for yourself to see how awesome their products are!

Saint Joseph's University Campus Correspondent
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