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Why Rachel Green Remains A Fashion Icon Today

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SJU chapter.



Let’s face it the 90’s were really all that, no doubt. Jennifer Aniston’s character, Rachel Green, from the popular TV series FRIENDS became the fashion resident of the series for all 10 seasons, as well as, the decades’ most fashionable it girl. It’s no surprise that Rachel Green’s outfits are as relevant as ever – even in 2019! Here’s 7 examples from Rachel’s closet to see why she’s still a fashion icon today.



  1. The Knee High Boots

Rachel wasn’t just ahead of style; she invented it! Throughout the FRIENDS series Rachel was constantly seen rocking her black knee high boots and typically paired them with her short skirts.


2. The Overalls

Rachel remains known for her denim and this trend has recently become even more popular. Whether it was her famous vests or overalls, Rachel was always making a statement with denim and tbh we all love her for that.  


3. Her Cropped Tops and Tied Shirts

While Rachel’s style did evolve over the 10 seasons, her loosely tied shirts never went out of style and have been making a big come back in fashion.


4. Her Black Button Up Dress

Everyone needs a LBD (little black dress) right? While Rachel had her fair share of black dresses, one of her most famous black dresses is one that highlights her ability to take fashion risks. In her slip up dress, Rachel pairs her black dress over a long sleeve shirt that proved to be a 90’s favorite.

5. Her Print T-Shirts and Pants

While there are many things we can learn from Rachel Green, one of them is how to style our favorite casual crop tees with fun flowy pants. This trend especially has become a staple of 2019.


6. Print Dresses

While its evident Rachel wasn’t afraid to take chances with her fashion even her simpler straight A-line dresses had a fun twist. Rachel was constantly wearing different prints and patterns like her black and white checkered dress pictured above!


7. Formal Dresses

Whether it was attending Joey’s award shows, going on fancy dates or attending one of Ross’ many weddings, Rachel always knew how to dress up. In a light teal, Rachel turned heads in a color she typically didn’t wear-making that ocasion all the more special.  






If you’re going through your closet right now after getting some Rachel Green inspo… honestly same!




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