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Top Favorite Looks from Coachella

Top 7 Favorite Looks from Coachella By Corinne Sinesi 

It’s that time of year when our favorite YouTubers and Instagram influencers stun the crowd with absolutely iconic outfits under the California sun. It’s hard to pick favorites, but here are seven women who made my indefinite list. 

1.    @tezza This sheer midi dress is lightly embroidered with pops of orange flowers, and the whole ensemble drapes over white, lacey articles of clothing. She is the master of class while having visionary style unlike anyone else’s. 

2.    @rocky_barnes On May 3rd, Rocky Barnes will drop her collaboration with Express—but not before she teases us with a few pieces throughout Coachella weekend. This swoon-worthy lavender, dotted dress looks brilliant with heaps of silver accents, a thick white belt, and butterfly hair accessories. 

3.    @lizakoshy Thank you for this look, Liza. It’s the Canadian tuxedo of our dreams. 

4.    @kristenmcatee Kristen McAtee comes up with crazy combos that are always surprisingly chic. Her alien T-shirt and white, platform boots say it all. 

5.    @summermckeen Summer reconfigures common closet items to create a flawless music festival look. 

6.    @sincerelyjules Julie Sariñana perfected the comfort and style required at Coachella with thickly-cuffed mom jeans, a sequined camisole, and Chanel sandals.  

7.    @michellerandolph Chunky sneakers, neon yellow, biker shorts, and a fanny pack? I didn’t know it was possible to wear this many trends at once without looking over the top, but Michelle Randolph could not have put together a more tasteful, stylish outfit. 




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