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Tips & Tricks for Looking Put Together in the Morning

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SJU chapter.


Hello Ladies! 


Picture this: You walk into your 8 A.M and everyone is wearing sweats, no makeup, and practically look like they just rolled out of bed. But not you, girl! Your hair is done, makeup is perfect, and your outfit is bomb! Feeling put together will help to ease your day and make you more confident when you’re running around in between classes. But, how? Keep reading to find out!


Tip # 1: 


Lay Out Your Clothes the Night BEFORE –  Major key factor here. You do not want to waste time in the morning trying on outfits just to give into that one pair of leggings you wear every Wednesday. Pick out something you know looks good, try it on even. Preparing your look the night before will save you huge amounts of time in the morning! Don’t forget to pick out the shoes too! 




Tip # 2:


Invest in a Fake Ponytail or Donut Bun – You can purchase a fake pony tail at any beauty store. Personally, I like the ones that just clip in and are secured with a bobby pin. A donut for your hair also works wonders! These can be picked up at any drug store and are super cheap. Both hairstyles take less than 5 minutes, but it’ll look like you spent hours creating the perfect up-do. Plus, no showering required #greasyhairdontcare. 


Tip # 3:


Practice Your 5-Minute Makeup Routine – No one wants to walk to class with dark circles and dried up mascara from the day before. Wash your face, moisturize, and apply your makeup! It does not have to take long either; just a little concealer, mascara, blush, and lip gloss can go a long way in helping you look fresh in the morning. If you have time, fill in your eyebrows and add some white or lavender eyeshadow to the inner corner of your eyes to brighten them up. 



Tip # 4: 


 Back your Bag & Make Breakfast the Night Before – A lot of morning activities can be done the night before like packing your backpack for class and making breakfast. Throw in the textbooks, water bottle, and snacks that you need to get through the day and you won’t have to spend time worrying about your classes in the morning. Another thing I like to do is make breakfast the night before. Sometimes I’ll even make an omelet and keep it in the fridge just to throw in the microwave in the morning. Overnight oats and chia seed pudding are also miracle breakfasts! 


Tip # 5: 


Stay Hydrated – Water is essential to beauty and health. Prior to eating breakfast or doing anything else, drink a glass of water. Typically, I keep cold water by my bed at night, so that I can drink it first thing in the morning. This is super important because our bodies are dehydrated by the time we wake up. Water will help reduce puffiness, hydrate our bodies, and make our skin glow and look fresh! 




I hope these tips help you roll up to your morning classes in style ;) 





I am a senior Elementary Education major at Saint Joseph’s University. I have been a part of HerCampus since Sophomore year and I enjoy every minute of it. I run two personal blogs, OOTDBYAEL and MindtoMode. Both of these blogs represent my passion for fashion and my interest in nutrition and wellness. I am thrilled to be able share my personal knowledge and experiences with the HerCampus community.
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